Gas Dryer

HCD-3257GCE / HCD-6147GCE

Humanized Feature Design

Drum refreshing function

Users can always have a refreshed drum for their laundry by circulating air before starting a cycle to eliminate the odor and lint of last users.

Audio guidance

Considerate and practical design of audio guidance giving voice instruction helps novice users be able to get started rapidly and operate conveniently.

Temperature selection

Users can choose the preferred temperature according to the clothing materials. It also equips with special drying process for linen/blanket to remain the fluffy comfortable texture.

Separate coin selectors for stack model

Upper and lower pockets have separate coin selectors to prevent malfunction of one selector stopping dual machine from operation.

Easy-to-clean filter

Large-sized and facing up filter makes shop owners clean more easily.

Optimum heated air flow for fast drying

Instead of blowing heated air directly onto garments, our optimum air flow design supplies it uniformly and efficiently across the drum, which not only minimizes fabric damage but also helps laundry dry quickly, with exceptionally soft and fluffy touch.

Reversing drum technology

The drum rotates reversely during the dry process to prevent laundry from tangling and balling up in the machines. Redistributing across the drum results effective and even drying performance.

Made-in-Japan core components

Inverters, circuit boards, drum motors, fan motors, bearings, shock absorbers, belts, water supply valves, hot water supply valves, additive pumps, burners, and more core components are all made by highly trusted Japanese manufacturers.

JAS certified burner safety

Burners are certified by the Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association.