All-In-One Washer Dryer

HWD-7277GCE / HWD-7177GCE

Humanized Feature Design

60-minute wash & dry in only one machine

It only takes 60 minutes to wash and dry in the same machine without having trouble moving the laundry from a washer to a dryer.

Drum pre-cleaning function

Users can always have a clean drum for their laundry by using built-in pre-cleaning drum function with sterilization cleaner before starting a cycle.

User-Friendly Interface

Large and detailed step-by-step control panel including push-button interface makes users easy to understand and brings great first time use experience.

Illuminated cycle buttons

Illuminated cycle buttons instruct users to easily select preferred cycle.

Audio guidance

Considerate and practical design of audio guidance giving voice instruction helps novice users be able to get started rapidly and operate conveniently.

Wide-opening door

Sophisticated glass porthole with wide-opening doors design features lets users conveniently load and unload laundry.

Auto-dosing system

Up to 5 different liquid of detergent or softener can be embedded to the system. Users can also decide not to add softener to the cycle if required.

Stainless steel construction

Stainless Steel materials are used for inner drum and parts around door that will contact with water to prolong the lifespan.

Clogging prevention large diameter drain valve

Large diameter drain valve not only speeds up the drainage but also reduces the risk of clogging.

Ultimate vibration control technology with G sensor

The G sensor detects abnormal drum vibration during the spin cycle to control rotational speed and prevent the drum from colliding with the frame. This revolutionary feature ensures safe operation and better durability of the product.

Enhanced vibration absorbers

Using six shock absorbers reduces vibrations and mitigates sounds even during high-speed spinning.

Easy-to-change cycle display

Shop owners easily customize cycles through programming and change cycle display on control panel.

Drying air duct inspection window

The drying air duct inspection window makes checking for dust build up easier via access through the front panel. The window can also be used to carry out cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance-free bearings

The bearings play a key role in supporting the rotating drum. A pair of NSK bearings with triple-layer oil seals that do not require grease replacement are used to ensure maintenance-free operation.

Quiet operation

Water hammer prevention valve and robust vibration absorbing system reduce operation noises.

Smooth drum perforation surface

Drum perforations are formed with the Burr Method to maintain a smooth drum surface that minimizes snags and fabric damage.

Reduced fabric tangling with rear flat drum

The flat design of the rear drum prevents fabric from tangling.

Optimum heated air flow for fast drying

Instead of blowing heated air directly onto garments, our optimum air flow design supplies it uniformly and efficiently across the drum, which not only minimizes fabric damage but also helps laundry dry quickly, with fluffy comfortable touch.

Reversing drum technology

The drum rotates reversely during the wash and dry process to prevent laundry from tangling and balling up in the machines. Redistributing across the drum results effective and even drying performance.

Made-in-Japan core components

Inverters, circuit boards, drum motors, fan motors, bearings, shock absorbers, belts, water supply valves, hot water supply valves, additive pumps, burners, and more core components are all made by highly trusted Japanese manufacturers.

JIA certified burner safety

Burners are certified by the Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association.